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Default Re: Can we have a 'like' button?

Originally Posted by ANIMALBEATS View Post
So a score of high posters and a site owner refuse to entertain interesting solutions to encorperate the views of individuals who do not wish to directly comment.

Thus the thread is to be closed.

Great work guys.
Interesting solutions? You might think it's an interesting one, no everyone seems to agree with you.

You've made your points ...and requests, in all fairness, it sounds like it's not going to happen, no need for feeling bad or upset for not getting what you want were you (like us) are simply a (welcome) guest in Bernhard's place.

Yes, great work indeed, this thread had is fair share of attention, but the topic is getting old and seems to stagnate on the same old arguments over and over, time to call it a day, no bad feeling, you tried, you suggested, it didn't take on, such is life.
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