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Default Re: What to do with a rogue left hand?

Originally Posted by rotherdrummer View Post
sorry to hijack this thread, but i have a very similar problem. i've been playing for about 9 years and my left hand is a real pain in the backside. i'm actually in a regular gigging band so it doesn't stop me from getting out and playing, but it's really frustrating that my left hand holds me back and i sometimes even feel like hanging up my sticks for good. i don't have trouble learning rudiments or awkward beats etc, i just have a problem with basic left/right sticking which prevents me from doing anything fast. i've tried every book, youtube vid and dvd going... in fact, i think this can actually be detrimental because it's information overload. i've also taken lessons with some great teachers but to no avail. i also use my left hand to brush my teeth, steer the car, operate my mouse, etc and i also use one of those powerball exercise things when possible.... still no joy :(

i've come to the conclusion that my left hand problem is not specifically drumming related, so the simple "practice rudiments" answer does not solve the problem (for me at least). personally, i think i've just got poor coordination - simple as that. some people are good at sport, some people aren't. some people are good at coordinating left/right hand movements, some people aren't. unfortunately, i'm not - which i find really frustrating when some people who don't even play drums can hit a practice pad left/right quicker than me :(
I don't think you're hijacking the thread. I think everyone is dealing with 'weaker hand' syndrome. Perhaps as was suggested, you should just start doing things with your left hand. Open doors, write? Cook? Anything you'd normally use your right hand for, use your left. This advice was given.

However, if it makes you feel any better, Davey Tough admitted that he could not roll. What he lacked in technical facility, he made up for in his massive swing groove. That's why people hired him. I don't think he neglected his technique, he just put out there what he did best. I feel like I do this every time I go out and play. I do not put a spotlight on what I can't do when it matters ;)
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