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Default Re: What to do with a rogue left hand?

sorry to hijack this thread, but i have a very similar problem. i've been playing for about 9 years and my left hand is a real pain in the backside. i'm actually in a regular gigging band so it doesn't stop me from getting out and playing, but it's really frustrating that my left hand holds me back and i sometimes even feel like hanging up my sticks for good. i don't have trouble learning rudiments or awkward beats etc, i just have a problem with basic left/right sticking which prevents me from doing anything fast. i've tried every book, youtube vid and dvd going... in fact, i think this can actually be detrimental because it's information overload. i've also taken lessons with some great teachers but to no avail. i also use my left hand to brush my teeth, steer the car, operate my mouse, etc and i also use one of those powerball exercise things when possible.... still no joy :(

i've come to the conclusion that my left hand problem is not specifically drumming related, so the simple "practice rudiments" answer does not solve the problem (for me at least). personally, i think i've just got poor coordination - simple as that. some people are good at sport, some people aren't. some people are good at coordinating left/right hand movements, some people aren't. unfortunately, i'm not - which i find really frustrating when some people who don't even play drums can hit a practice pad left/right quicker than me :(
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