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Default Re: Peter Criss Boom Stand

It's funny that I used to think, "oh man, if I had a double tom stand like that..." looking at the pic in the Alive booklet. Back then, there really wasn't "hardware" to buy. NOTHING like there is today holy cow!
I actually had a couple of those drums in my hands once. The color was an Ivory satin (yellowed of course)over fiberglass shells. They still had the small pieces of folded tissue and dried up duct tape on the Black Dot heads too. That was pretty cool :-)

The Midnight Special or DK Rock Concert and the Alive! 1975 (second night) stuff is the best era for me.
Destroyer changed the music and had less swing in the songs. The parts are more static IMO. I HATE the way R&RO sounds, but Peter had a little bit of swing on a few tunes. The songs translate a little better (more rockin') on A2, but the parts are just played way straight. The studio side of A2 is still a fave, song and sound-wise.

It's funny to me that with his ringier snare on Love Gun in a couple songs (Shock Me being the most noticeable), the only other songs later that it sounded like that were on Ace's songs.
Anton Figs snare on Ace's solo record his fairly ringy too.

I think I prefer a less "prefect" snare sound because of Peter Criss.
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