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I trigger my kick(acoustic head) with an RT10K. it works awesome. (so good in fact I don't even mic the kick anymore). Since I dont mic the kick I was worried about what would happen if my Trigger ever went down at a gig. I just recently won a Ddrum PRO DRT Kick trigger(the black one) on ebay for $25 which is a pretty good deal. This is just a back up but I wanted to make sure it worked with my set up. I put it on my head, and didn't even adjust the settings I had for the RT10. It works flawlessly. So for Kick I'd say you can't go wrong with either.

Snare.... I attempted to trigger my snare(acoustic head) with a RT10S and its just not the same. If you play with any kind of dynamics, I think it's gonna be tough to make it work(maybe not with mesh tho). I REALLY wanted it to work so I gave it good try. I adjusted everything, tried many heads and many times thought I'd had it, but then I'd always realized, no way. If what you're playing is pretty basic it may work for you tho. it'll handle pretty much anything but fine ghost/grace notes. but the rim trigger is great on it. no cross talk and very reliable.
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