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Originally Posted by foghorn2
I'm a late fan of Neil Peart. I've heard him over the years since I was in the teens. I always liked Rush and his drumming but I always found other drummers to be my idols.

But Neil has been growing on me since his first DVD. I was amazed how his style of drumming evolved over the years and how intelligent he was and how well he spoke. Up to this point I never know he wrote most of Rush's songs.

I picked up Signals soon after and relived those great songs from my high-school years. I now admire him as a person and a drummer more than I ever had especially since watching his latest Anatomy DVD. He is a humble, respectful gentleman who is respectful of other drummers and he gives credit to many of them.

I bought Counterparts and wow did I miss this album altogether! What a masterpiece. What a disservice radio has done to music connoisseurs. What lyrics! (hence my signature).

He inspired me to improve on my drumming and persona. He is also the reason I'm poorer now trying to make my new setup like his too.
Hey! great tread Foghorn, there is some great material out there from rush........go get yourself hemispheres or moving pictures. These are well orchastrated songs, musically, lyrically...just great stuff. there are many others to, such as power windows, permanent waves
and Roll the bones...check it out and ENJOY!!!!
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