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Default Re: Is it me, or....... advertising

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post

....Now that's worth finding, although I'd probably be horrified at a dispassionate profile creation of me....

I played around a bit with the link from post #40 in this thread. If you've got spare time, are bored, or just curious, there's some stuff you can do to see what results.
I went to the site, removed all the info they had for me, opted out, changed my search engine, then hit this site again.

Started getting some very strange ads, so I went back to the link, opted back in, selected google as my engine, and typed in a few things. Ads went back to normal again.
Went back again, and selected all the categories as interests, and am checking the results of that now. - Took a quick look, and saw ads here for gun control, and a place called Zappos or somesuch - ha ha.
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