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Default Re: Another 'electronic vs. acoustic' thread

Electronic drums do a good job at being louder when you hit hard, and quieter if you hit it softer. But it obviously isn't going to be as accurate as acoustic. You can hit it pretty soft and still hear a sound, but there does come a point where it will not trigger if you hit it soft enough. In my opinion, that's softer than you'd ever hit the drums while actually playing though. I'm not sure about all the models, but some of the new roland drum sets are playable with brushes, although you do have to get a certain kind of brush. As you said, the more you're willing to pay for an e set, the better features you'll get.
If I were you I'd go play on one and see if you like it or not. Playing electronic drums can give you a couble bad habits, but if you have15 minutes to play on an acoustic set every week, I think that's enough to remind you what that feels like so your skills will easily transfer over between electronic and acoustic.
You can also convert an acoustic set to electronic. I've seen people selling them on eBay every once in a while.

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