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Default Re: I'm a touring drum tech and the time has come for IEMs.

I just got a pair of universal fitting IEM's - the Heir Audio; they're reviewed as the 'Westone 3's done right'. Three drivers, detachable cable, many tips to choose from, and better sound compared to the W3 (check out forums online comparing the two if you so choose), come with carrying cases, have some of the most reputable customer service around, and look pretty great as well. They do custom fit of course, the comparable model is $450 compared to $300 I think. Not sure if that's in your price range, but I've been pretty floored so far by them.
But if that's all you need them for, just check out Etymotic's stuff, they cancel lots of noise if that's what you need, or the Shure SE215's for a great IEM in that price range. I really think that a good pair of headphones/IEM's is a worthwhile investment, so consider all options.
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