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Default Re: Show off your Peavey!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Much more vibrant! A very crisp kit, & I bet it sounds great too. Any sound files/videos?
Unfortunately no videos or sound files, but I can confirm that the kit is very loud - even louder than my old RP501 kit. The toms (especially the 16") sound like rolling thunder; the bass has a nice deep punch to it and I get a worderfully crisp crack when I hit the snare. Perhaps it's the Aquarian heads - Studio-X on the toms, Hi-Energy w/ power dot on the snare and a Super Kick II for the bass.

As for a more vibrant colour, I agree. The custom stain that I had the paint shop mix up was an attempt (using their colour-match system) to duplicate the violet gloss colour I've seen on some RP1000 kits. The resulting reddish-violet (claret) that I got is actually slightly deeper in tone than what the pictures show, with a much greater "WOW!" factor IMO than the Vermont Maple colour that I had initially stained the kit. I guess I just like brighter colours - see Post #37 for my first refinishing effort with my previous RP501 kit. I was hoping for a burnt orange stain but ended up with the tangerine colour. Nonetheless, still nice and bright.
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