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Default Re: I'm a touring drum tech and the time has come for IEMs.

Originally Posted by hatebreed View Post
Hi again. Yeah i'll just have to drum mix so i can hear if anything goes wrong instantly ie: bottom snare skin goes, mic comes off etc. and people speaking to me. Thanks for the help.
If that's all you need a single driver would probably do. I will say I've used single and dual driver IEM and the dual is far better and worth the money in my book. I currently am using the Westone UM2 and have been very pleased with them! Would love to get some custom ones but Westone wants about $600 or so just for the drivers. Buddy of mine was telling about a company called that does IEM's and the custom ones start at like $350 that does not include the audiologist fee for the visit and ear mold.
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