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Default Re: I'm a touring drum tech and the time has come for IEMs.

Originally Posted by hatebreed View Post
Yeah this is exactly what i was worrying about. The drummer i tech for has UE18s so it makes me want custom molds but obviously i'd only need about 2-3 drivers. I'm going to have to save some money up i think and stick with my earphones with ear muffs on top. Shame but i already have tinnitus so i'm not taking any risks.
Its good not to take risks concerning your hearing! Yeah - the UE's at $399 before getting the molds done is a bit pricey. But there are other companies - there's one down in Florida where it's a bit cheaper ($250 I think for the first model). And I think UE might offer specials where they could throw in the fitting for free (I know they were doing that at NAMM). Would these be primarily for monitoring? Or could you get away with a wedge mix and wearing really good earplugs?

Sometimes it's just a matter of how you want to work. If I'm not singing, a small wedge monitor would be ok and I'll just wear nice earplugs. If you were having to lock to sequences and click tracks, then IEMs would be the best thing, but if you're just playing live, and only need a reference, perhaps the wedge speaker and plugs? That would save alot of money.
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