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Default Re: Hand technique concepts - Jojo Mayer vs. Bill Bachman?

As I've gathered, Bill comes from a marching/drum line background. This means a few things:
1) basically, he's supposed to look militaristic and rigid in most of his body. It's a ruse, though. You can't play that stuff if your actual grip is not honed and loose. They pay a lot of attention to this, because each member of the line is supposed to look exactly the same. Nobody's shoulder should be moving unless a huge whip stroke is called for or something.

2) "Stiff" playing could mean a few things... I think you're talking about how "perfect" bill's playing tends to be... Again, I think this comes from his background. In a line, every note has to be exactly perfect and in time with everyone else or it will stand out much more than in a band situation. When you're at such a level of "perfect" playing as Bill, it ends up coming out when playing almost anything. Peart is (I feel) another example of this. It's very "stiff" regimented playing, but I don't think you'll find many folks that wouldn't call him amazing.
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