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Default Re: Hand technique concepts - Jojo Mayer vs. Bill Bachman?

Originally Posted by EvilDrummer View Post
I don't know what the deal is with jojo's video, it's not a teaching DVD so whats the point really?
I've been at it for over 25 years mate. It taught me plenty. If anyone thinks that Jojo's is not a "teaching dvd" they're not paying attention.....pure and simple.

No, it's not like Igoe's excellent dvd, that is presented in an entirely different format and is more akin to getting a beginner up and playing along with him. But it's very much a teaching of the most comprehensive I've come across and a most valuable one at that.

Originally Posted by SEVNT7 View Post
His shoulders and sound are what I'm talking about. His elbows are almost always held out from his side ( Shoulder tightness). His wrists are not straight at impact. His arms are going downhill at impact, past parallel to the ground. All things that are signs and causes of tightness or rigidity. These types of habits also make sound ridged and very hard to flow and swing relaxed.
Very much a "form over function" argument you're making here mate. I take it you haven't seen much of his playing? Anyone who's seen Bill express himself on a drum kit will know that his methods work very ifs, whats or buts about it.

Dunno about you guys, but I'm far more interested in what somebody says on a they look as they go about saying it runs a very distant second. Provided they're not leading you up a path that will cause long term damage, the argument is somewhat of a moot point really.

Those of you who spend all their time worrying about hands going past parallel or pinkies floating off sticks, at the expense of the actual expression, are missing out on so much. You risk getting bogged down and missing the forest for the trees. That'd be such a shame as the "end product" is what it's all about. There are a million ways to get there.....who really cares, as long as you get there?
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