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Default Re: Hand technique concepts - Jojo Mayer vs. Bill Bachman?

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
A DVD is an innocent silver disc, it can't do anything for your technique!
Great hands of a lifetime is an innocent disc, did wonders for my technique. Jojo's video just show how the technique is done but there are no exercises to help you or any warnings about what not to do etc. It's not a very good teaching video. More like an interesting watch for a drummer.

Originally Posted by SEVNT7 View Post
His shoulders and sound are what I'm talking about. His elbows are almost always held out from his side ( Shoulder tightness). His wrists are not straight at impact. His arms are going downhill at impact, past parallel to the ground. All things that are signs and causes of tightness or rigidity. These types of habits also make sound ridged and very hard to flow and swing relaxed.
His wrists are not straight? What do you mean, like in german grip? He avoids german grip because it's a disadvantageous grip for finger use (only grip he doesn't recommend practicing). Is that what you are saying?

His arms are going downhill because at downstrokes bill advocates that the stick should point down and not parallel to the drum so the stick doesn't bounce back as much. He wants to stop the stick as fast as possible so he can play loose taps as fast as possible in between downstrokes, up and full strokes. Really there is nothing about bills technique that doesn't make sense to me. It looks stiff but it's very loose.
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