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Default Re: Hand technique concepts - Jojo Mayer vs. Bill Bachman?

Coming back to the TS' question: JoJo is an internationally known drum "star" and technique guru, and has been for many years.

Bill is a very very good teacher.

JoJo's DVD is definitely a teaching tool but you have to already know the free stroke and the Moeller technique in order to really benefit from it. While it is possible to learn these critical techniques by DVD, in my opinion, you will definitely miss the full impact without a live teacher.

To learn more about the free stroke, get Dom Famularo's book, It's Your Move. It is not a collection of articles; it is an actual book and it is about the free stroke and the Moeller.

Learn this with a teacher, really. Bill and Dom both do Skype lessons. I have studied with Dom for many years and cannot recommend him enough but pick who you want.

A DVD cannot give you feedback. You need feedback!

After you have mastered these techniques you can begin to use DVDs like JoJo's for full effect.

I hope this purist and traditionalist approach makes sense to you.

Best regards, and good luck,
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