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Default Re: Hand technique concepts - Jojo Mayer vs. Bill Bachman?

Originally Posted by SEVNT7 View Post
His shoulders and sound are what I'm talking about. His elbows are almost always held out from his side ( Shoulder tightness). His wrists are not straight at impact. His arms are going downhill at impact, past parallel to the ground. All things that are signs and causes of tightness or rigidity. These types of habits also make sound ridged and very hard to flow and swing relaxed.
Are you aware that he's adding the arm motion wherever it makes sense? That is, to reduce impact on the wrists and save energy at higher to super high playing speed? Did you ever check out one of his improvisations? Well my ears couldn't make out anything 'rigid' - quite the opposite, he has an unbelievably easy and relaxed flow.

That arm motion you're talking of is exactly what has helped me the last few days... to get the 6-stroke roll @ 130 bpm (32nd notes). Do I feel like I'm playing in a smart way, utilizing all motions that make sense (including the pumping arm motion so your upper body is contributing to the playing and actually reducing the stress on the wrists)? Yes.

Subscribe to his new project for a single month, check out a few of his videos, play along to this and you'll see for yourself whether Bill's 'philosophy' makes sense.

Also, his tight thumb grip (leaving no gap between the thumb and index finger) makes perfect sense, too - providing more control over the stick, to help controlling rebound and/or stopping the stick whenever needed. Personally I haven't identified anything in Bill's technique that doesn't make sense - admittedly, I'm not too sophisticated in drumming, with my 2.5 yrs into it but I'm sure others can confirm what I'm saying.
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