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Default Re: New Yamaha Oak Custom Kit...

Originally Posted by John T View Post
So now you have lived with it for a while and obviously like the kit to have added a second bass drum, how do you rate it against say, your previous kit's or others you may find similar at all?
Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
I was so fixated on the setup I forgot to say I love it. I've seen a red lacquered oak custom in the flesh and it blew me away, seriously beautiful drums.

What other kits had you been through previously?
In the past, I've owned 2 PDP's (one maple, one birch), a DW Collectors, Gretsch Renown Purewood Oak, a Keller shell custom maple and now this one. I do still own a Ludwig CM in Bonham sizes, and I love that for what it is (in other words, would never sell unless I had to). For a "bigger" kit, I love the power of Oak. As Bo mentioned, Oak shares many similarities with Bubinga. I won't knock the other companies, but I will say that the other maple kits just didn't have the power, shell resonance and low end that you find in the Oak Custom. The Gretsch kit had the same power, but the Yamahas definitely tune down much lower, not to mention I love the single-point lug, and mounting method a lot more. Another downside with the Gretsch was the inability to buy add-on drums.
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