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Originally Posted by adam! View Post
Thanks man. You're right, there may be a minor lug splay. Even in person, it's so slight that I'm still not sure! haha

How would you say the S hoop would act as opposed to the 2.3 triple flange?
If the lug splay is so slight that you're undecided whether it's there or not, then it's nothing to worry about. There's quite a bit of play in the holes on most triple flange hoops, & just that alone can cause the tension screw to wander outwards slightly.

As for "S" hoops, we just find they work especially well on stave drums, & certainly padauk stave :) They will give you a slightly more focused sound compared to triple flange, a little more control of ring near the rim, & greater tuning accuracy. Think in terms of heading towards the sound difference you get between triple flange & die cast, but much nearer the triple flange end of the spectrum. There's something that's just a bit "cleaner" about the sound, & sympathetic to a stave shell character.
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