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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Only slight negative I can see is what appears to be minor lug splay, but that may just be the photo. In close up photo's with a standard point & shoot lens, it sometimes happens.

If I may make one suggestion, if you get the chance at some stage, try it with "S" hoops. IMHO, they go together beautifully.
Thanks man. You're right, there may be a minor lug splay. Even in person, it's so slight that I'm still not sure! haha

How would you say the S hoop would act as opposed to the 2.3 triple flange?

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Wow! Intense color, totally natural. Love it and good job on the finishing and assembly. If I may ask, what did the raw shell cost, how much for hardware, etc.? I have been thinking of doing something like this.

Also, what brand is the throwoff? I have one exactly the same I got on Craigslist and I love it, but there's no marking. Kind of like a Trick and infinitely adjustable.
Thank you. I believe this shell was $230 shipped. Just contact Josh. Really good prices and build quality. He added the re-rings at no cost. I believe he has shells on ebay all the time too.

Concerning the throw-off, I believe it's just Ego Drum Supply brand. It's a great throwoff, as you said, because it holds its tension in any position.

Edit: I found Josh's ebay store here. It looks like the shells are cheaper than I thought. He also offers custom builds and layout/drilling. Great option for a DIY project.
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