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Default Re: Hand technique concepts - Jojo Mayer vs. Bill Bachman?

Trying not to sound like a broken record, but I can highly recommend Bill's new project (DrumWorkout) - here's my impression after just over 1 week of beta testing it:


I'm familiar with Jojo's DVD - and it's a superb tutorial. But - and this is not taking down its quality in any way - it's structured more like an encyclopedia, having few exercises - that's just not the focus of this tutorial. And even the best encyclopedia (and that tutorial is considered the best one on hand technique) doesn't make you a great writer because to become one you need more. But... If you take the motions/techniques that Jojo is demonstrating and get them perfectly down and up to lightspeed even 'just' stucking to binary/ternary rhythms (16th/32nd, and the triplet versions) there's no doubt you'd have phenomenal hand technique and should be able to do 99% you'd ever need.

I don't have Bill's Stick Control book, and I 'discovered' Bill's tutorial work only recently. (I got his Rudimental Beats DVD lately, plus that beta testing of his new site.) His new project is what would be perfectly complementing Jojo's DVD as you're provided great exercises that can be instantly applied in your playing. On his DVD Bill is focusing on 12 rudiments - the 'gateway rudiments' - that cover all hand motions related to rudiments you ever need. Once learned you should be able to pull off any new rudiment. And those exercises aren't merely those rudiments in their pure form plus explanations of how to play them correctly but are presented in an efficient and varying way. E.g. the triple stroke roll is presented in a 16th context, and there's constantly R vs. L hand lead switch throughout all the exercises - something I've been doing myself, for better development of my weaker (L) hand.

So overall I agree with PFOG - no prob applying both concepts. There shouldn't be any 'incompatibility issues'.

BTW, I edited the thread title to make the aspect of this thread clearer. Hope you don't mind.
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