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Originally Posted by adam! View Post
Here is a stave shell snare I drilled and assembled. I got the shell from Fierce Drum Co. ( and hardware from Ego and Precision. The shell is 14x6.5 Padauk with maple re-rings... Yes, the wood is really that red. Only a clear protective coat applied. Truly unique intense sound...

Andy, I'm sure it's no Guru, but it'll have to do for now!
Wow! Intense color, totally natural. Love it and good job on the finishing and assembly. If I may ask, what did the raw shell cost, how much for hardware, etc.? I have been thinking of doing something like this.

Also, what brand is the throwoff? I have one exactly the same I got on Craigslist and I love it, but there's no marking. Kind of like a Trick and infinitely adjustable.
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