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Default New audio equipment arrived, almost ready to record.

Iím venturing into the world of digital audio/video drum recording. My goals are simple, I want to be able to put on a set of isolation headphones and listen to a nice mix of me and some high end drumless covers. My style of covers is old school, Who, Zeppelin, Stones and some Motown stuff. I also have some good friends that are sending me some original material they recorded with the drum tracks removed.
In terms of learning and improving, I want to be able to capture my playing on video and improve on my weaknesses. The mics I ordered came in and Iím waiting for delivery on a Focusrite Scarlet 18i20. I was able to test the mics today using a friendís Focusrite Saffire Pro40. Just based on the quick tutorial my friend offered I can see there is a lot to learn but It all sounded so good. Iím excited about the entire process. Even bought a new Roc and Soc drum throne in anticipation of spending more time on the kit. lol At 51 I need to keep the tush comfy and the old throne doesn't do it anymore.
Iím using DT770Ms for headphones; they did a nice job with isolation. I was amazed at how different it was playing through the Focusrite with the headphones on. Iím going to be ordering a pair of Ultraphones this week to see which I like better. I would have done the Ultraphones first but I didnít have a Paypal account. So be it. Just wanted to share, Iíve included a picture of the kit after I added the mics.
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