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Default Re: Improvisation No. 1 for Wind, Percussion and Dog

Originally Posted by Toolate View Post
The day is not over.... sounded like the dog was really going to get into to for a bit there too. I got really excited.
Yup, she worked up a head of steam. Just wait for the didge improv - she'll be foaming at the mouth! Funny thing, she barks at the flute but will come to me when I whistle - how does that work?

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Cool Grea, I like the general vibe, especially the wind instrument...

... Ian Anderson would be proud :)
Maybe a bit more like Charles Lloyd's Tagore with added canine ;)

I just played Cross-Eyed Mary for doggie and no reaction, still shattered after a brutal 90 minute walk we just had, no doubt.

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Reminds me of 'Seamus' or 'Mademoiselle Nobs' by Pink Floyd for some reason...
Could it be the flute? The percussion? Hmmm ...

Seamus is a gifted conventional melodic vocalist whereas Mme Z is more freestyle.


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