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Default Re: Improvisation No. 1 for Wind, Percussion and Dog

@ Arky - it was just recorded on an H2 Zoom but it is very clear with nice tones. Could be my living room's acoustics, which remain very live until I add rugs and canvas art. Probably good for small things like this but hard on the ears when drumming.

@ Toolate - Neither alcohol nor illegal herbiage was consumed!

@ Abe - Never been to Uluru, though I hope to. Might have added didgeridoo but the dog goes insane and physically attacks it. This is the kind of Ayers Rock that might appeal to an old fusion head like you (and me) ...

@ Andy, I wish I had a video recording because it was funny to watch too. Not sure what Mme Z thinks she's doing ... probably trying to tell me to stop making that annoying sound lol
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