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Default Those generic Slingerland hoops

I was skeptical when I found Slingerland Stick Saver hoops made in Taiwan on the website.

My just acquired Slingerland kit did not have the original hoops and you can't have a Slingerland kit with regular ol' triple flanged hoops. So, sight unseen I ordered two 13" and two 16" hoops.

And you know what? I couldn't tell any difference. Compared to a friend's Slingerland hoops he had since he bought his kit back in the late 70s, the imports I got are identical. I was impressed. If anyone needs replacement Slingerland hoops, or just want to try them, don't go scouring eBay for actual ones that you'll get over-charged for, get these. Maybe like me you'll be pleasantly surprised.

In fact, not having played Slingerland drums in a long time, I forgot how easy it was to lay rim shots every time I hit the drums. I have to alter my technique a little bit to not get rimshots all the time. They do sit a little higher than regular triple-flanged hoops. But when I go for the rimshots, those drums just bark!

Happy drumming!
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