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Default Re: JoJo M - Perfect Balance Pedal - How does it play?

I sold my Trick Pro 1V and DW 9000 after I bought the PB pedal. The PB pedal play incredibly smooth and I don't feel like I need to put in the effort I did with the DW 9000 and Trick. The round cam feels more natural to me. The DW 9000 played heavy to me, it felt clunky and I hated where they put the spring adjustment. The Trick pedal just kepton getting heavier feeling and took more effort the closer you go to the head. It does not play as smoothly or as effortlessly as the PB pedal.

I purchased my Sonor PB pedal as soon as they came out. I also received the replacement strap when they were sent out nd replaced it. The original issue strap had some stretch and sponginess to the feel. The replacement strap is perfect, very smooth, no sense of stretchiness.

I have seen a few people comment on the folding feature of the pedal and that it is difficuly to adjust to different hoop thicknesses. This is just sour grapes from people that have not actually owned and played this pedal. I have 5 kits some with great variations in bass drum hoop thickness and it takes a few seconds to adjust the pedal for the hoop thickness. No more than any other pedal where you need to turn the wingnut to clamp it to the hoop.

Most drum shops do a diservice to this pedal by not properly setting it up on a bass drum so people can try it out correctly. If you are interested in this pedal or just simply curious , go to your local drum shop put one on a drum set and give it a good work out.
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