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Originally Posted by Dhango View Post
EXACTO, they needed the best they knew at that moment and ¿who was that drummer? ¡Ringo! And one more thing: he was always ready and willing to try anything, ANYTHING that John, Paul or George or even George Martin asked him. He never said no, he tried everything, he played all the stuff he knew and then some. That's what makes him so unique. As I said a few weeks ago, he was a team player with his very own talent and through that talent he complemented the others perfectly. It's impossible to think of The Beatles without Ringo.
I have noted before that it's hard to tell much about Ringo's playing because he is turned down so far in the mix that you often can't hear him.

Ringo is a good example of a performer who did well for himself, was in the right place at the right time and has made lasting contributions to music and popular culture for 50 years.

But in my opinion, and in the opinion of society outside of this board, Ringo isn't a very good drummer. In my opinion, lots of people would have been able to drum for the Beatles with more verve and finesse. Ringo wasn't really bad but I don't think he was all that great as a musician either. Ringo's influence as the drummer for the most popular band in history is undeniable but I find his playing - when I can hear it - to be bland and too simple. I realize my opinion is counter to what most people say when they express an opinion about Ringo on this board.
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