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Default Re: Can we have a 'like' button?

There's an easy solution to this problem. All we need to do is indicate a like or dislike in our posts and use a manual counter system. We don't need technology.

For example, I might write "Like BacteriumFendYolk #2 +1" to say I liked post #2 by Duncan and that raises his score to +1.

If you also like that post then you would type "Like BacteriumFendYolk #2 +2". Duncan's post now has two Likes.

If the next person did not like Duncan's post then they would type "Dislike BacteriumFendYolk #2 +1" to indicate that their Dislike deducted one vote from his score, that reverts to +1.

It's easy for everyone to keep tally because it's only incrementing one at a time and most drummers are capable of counting to at least four. Anyone who would consider this solution too complicated or cumbersome is underestimating the intelligence and motivation of their fellow human beings!


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