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Here in Central Mexico, you really canīt get better drumheads than Clear Remo Pinstripes. Iīm not saying it like itīs a bad thing. I mean, itīs an unfair lack of varioty if you just happen to be the kind of person who prefers to use other drumheads. Where Iīm at, majority of the drummers (including myself) play Banda Sinaloense... it seems to be the type of style that plays best, and really canīt go wrong with Clear Remo Pinstripes. They even put them on snare drums here. This is apparently strange to most you, but to me, I look at it as normal now. We also put them on a set of LP Tito Puente Thunder Timbales, and like I said, It just canīt go wrong. I mean you have to tape toilet paper (because moon gels apparently dont exist here) to the bigger 16Ļ Timbaleīs drumhead to muffle it even more than what it aready is, I dont think I could really explain why... but other than that, if you just happen to play this style of music, Clear Remo Pinstripes will do wonders for you.
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