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I own a set in Black Swirl lacquer 10/12/14/20 with matching snare. I really like these drums a lot. The quality is excellent, every detail is perfect. They have more warmth than my Recording Customs and are a it drier than a maple shell kit. They have a very woody resonant sound. They tune up extremely easily, take well to both single ply and two ply heads. The bass drum has a huge sound with the stock heads ( clear PS3 batter and smooth white PS3 resonant side). The toms came with Remo coated Ambassadors with clear ambassadors on the resonant side I swapped out the batter heads for Evans G Plus (G12) white coated and these thicken up the tom sound and add some durability and additional warmth.
The snare - the person I bought it from swappee the 1.6 mm triple flange hoops for diecast hoops. I generally dislike diecast hoops, but they work fantastic on this drum. I changed the batter head for an Evans Power Center reverse dot. Can you say Crack! This snare will take your head off ! Off center hits are still very resonant and the reverse dot really focusses the sound and punch of the snare drum.

The lacquer finish is gorgeous and looks even better in person. The finish is unique to Yamaha and very labor intensive. The shells are made of a Japanese hardwood called Kapur. This wood is harder than rock maple on the Janka scale. It is not the most beautiful wood as the grain is subdued and the actual color of the wood is similar to african mahogany. Yamaha has out an extremely light sealer on the interiors, so when touched with your hand, you can feel the nap of the wood. The combination of the nap and the R3 bearing edge ( a 60 degree or 30 degree depending on how you measure it) which has a slight roundover. The edge is very similar in design to a Gretsch USA Custom edge. The hoops are lightweight 1.6mm triple flange hoops. I personally prefer these lighter weight hoops.
They open up the drums and sound great when playing rimshots on the toms for Latin numbers.

These are great drums and I wholeheartedly recommend these for someone looking for a kit with a vintage sounding vibe with modern features.
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