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Seriously, this is the straightest path to getting good at them IMO (apart from personal lessons from a decent teacher) - Bill Bachman's new project:
Check out the freebie lesson on Moeller 3's and you'll get some insight of how well structured those lessons are - multiple videos covering various speed ranges, and great and helpful explanations.

Bill's approach of his 12 'gateway rudiments' is unique as he's focusing on the _motions_, in fact, on _every_ motion you'll ever need playing rudiments. Once you have those down you'll be flying learning new rudiments as those would be merely variations of the basic motions.

I've been beta testing it for a week now, with great progress. I've been focusing on technique a lot but those lessons helped me to identify issues and quickly work on them. E.g. I'm close to playing the 6-stroke roll (& variations) @ 130 bpm (32nd) notes now - that's the fastest speed Bill is demoing that pattern in his videos for now (he might add some more at even higher speed in the future). When I addressed this rudiment a week ago those 130 seemed super fast. now, with steady practice - starting at the lowest speed, bumping it up by 10 bpm, playing through the complete video cycle, starting all over or going back some 20-30 bpm etc. - I can totally confirm that those videos are great to practice motions/rudiments in a systematic and motivating way. Your progress will be in direct proportion to the amount of time you're putting into it.

Admittedly, once you have those motions down you need to adapt them to the kit but as for pad practice - Bill's system is top notch (the website will be expanded, for now it's based around those gateway rudiments). Sorry for the fanboyish praise but you have to see it to become a believer, too. He's teaching the most ergonomic way to play all that stuff, in line with how the body/hands work and how to put the least stress on them even at higher speed. I've been waiting for something like that!

Pat Petrillo is launching his Groovalution website with both technical and groove lessons.

Matt Smith is offering skype lessons for 20 bucks (30 minutes), as are many others. Quite some choice in online lessons.

Check those drummers/websites out, invest a few weeks into checking your handwork and shift into next gear.
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