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Default Re: What to do with a rogue left hand?

Originally Posted by EvilDrummer View Post
I misunderstood, I thought you meant we should sit and learn to write with the left hand on our free time when you could be hacking away on the pad.

I think there are some things you can do outside of drumming at work or anywhere you don't have access to sticks and pad. I'd say put your forearm and palm flat on a table, make a fist and move it up and down while the forearmis still on the table. Works the muscles and motion used for wrist strokes. Or put your hand next to your thigh and rotate it back and forth fast letting the pinky and thumb hit your thigh as alternate strokes. This develops the motion used in french grip.

However only if you are unable to practice. Alternatively if you have too much time.
I am not saying what anyone should or shouldn't do, but just put a few ideas out there that helped. I personally spent hundreds of hours doing those things you called a waste of time, and still do, but to each his/her own. I've been playing around ten years and wouldn't have done anything different.\

I DO believe, jmo, that if you only practice with the sticks and feet on a practice pad or drum kit (or whatever it may be), and ignore the fitness/development part, it's a much longer road.
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