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Default New Gear New Pics

Here's an update for my set up.
PDP Platinum series (tobacco sunburst finish)
Pork Pie Little squealer (cherry sparkle finish)
Sabian cymbals
14" XS 20 medium /hats
16" APX crash
16" AAX X-plosion crash
10" AAX Ozone splash
20" AA Rock Ride
Yamaha DFP9500 chain/strap (not sure if this is exact model number)
Mapex 500 series Hi-Hat stand
Mapex snare stand
PDP 900 series double tom stand
pearl cymbal stand
Ludwig cymbal stand
Gibraltar cymbal top
Gibraltar grabber arm
Mienl Hi-Hat tambourine
Toca cowbell
vic firth X5A vic grip
drum dial

i know the angles on the pictures aren't great, but since its set up in the corner its hard to get nice full all angle pictures, id like to, but currently not happening. I might be using them at a school chapel in june when my band plays the whole school instead of one band playing sr. and another playing jr. if i do ill try to take some better pictures.
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