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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Originally Posted by Embalmer View Post
Sticks and I exchanged a few pleasant PM's over on I told him we have a pool going to see how long it takes before he's banned over there. he already has more posts than I do after a week. I think as long as he's getting his ego stroked he'll be fine. But when the nice comments stop, then the drama shall begin...
Haha. If I was in his position I'd try to get away with a little venting too. These things seem to go two ways - either through "my friend's enemy is my enemy" type bonding or people will tire of negativity. It depends on the crowd.

Happy to see Blade Runner for the sixth time. Always up for the first Matrix movie too. I'm trying to be healthy so I'm bringing nuts, liquorice tea, nicotine gum and a bag of legal synthetic weed. No caged pork on my pizza, thanks. (Bloody hippes!).


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