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Default Re: New Yamaha Oak Custom Kit...

Originally Posted by theSIOUX View Post
Send me a link for that piece of hardware if you don't mind!

Have you tried raising and inverting your ride even more like his?

How is the snare?
Thanks and good to see some DC appreciation/attention to detail. The tom/cymbal stand is a combination of these three things:
Yamaha WS904A Heavy Weight Double-Braced Tom Tom Stand
Yamaha CH755 Medium Boom Arm
Yamaha TH945B 3-Hole Tom Holder w/ (2) CL945B Clamps for YESS Mount
I got the stand designed for floor toms, because I knew I wouldn't need to go very high with it, as you see with the extra extension on other Yamaha tom stands. The 3-hole tom holder w/ the two clamps already came with the bass drum, but I included them in case you need that part too.

I've tried the ride like he does for fun, but it wasn't really for me. I much prefer a Matt Cameron ride position, especially if I ever use more of a crash/ride... Just my comfort zone. I found placing it that high bothered my shoulder joint after a while of playing. When I tried it, I did like the option of having room for other toms or cymbals though.

The snare is a gentle giant. It's definitely a monster when I need it to be, but also a very sensitive, articulate snare. I was surprised at the warmth of the Bronze shell. This snare also destroyed the here-say that seems to surround 8" deep snares as well. I see it also when people talk about going from 5" to 6.5". This is a real solid snare. There is no difficulty in tuning or focusing the sound... But I like a lot of body with my snare sound. With the die cast hoops, it helps tone down the overtones a little, but more so adds even more crack. I'm also enjoying Evans coated reverse dot heads on it.

Originally Posted by John T View Post
Lovely kit you have there Adam, the Amber finish looks pukka too!
Have you experimented with heads on the Oaks at all as you have had them for a while?
Thanks John, kudos on your kit as well.... I wish I had a 13" in my setup! I've only tried what came on them (clear ambassadors) and the current heads, smooth white emperors. A very thin, generic single ply batter came on the second bass drum... So, I wouldn't recommend that unless you're going for an awful sound haha. I feel at home with Powerstroke 3's with this kit.
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