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Default Re: Help with finding a Zildjian China sound similar to...

Thanks for the reply, buddy!

Hahahah! Im not a "purist", even thought iīd preffer to stick with just one brand, im actually willing to purchase that Paiste china.

Problem is, all the YouTube videos of that specific model I checked have a very different sound than Chadīs... Its expected, due to the nature of sound processing on videos, DVDs, studios, etc, but his "china" is pretty consistent on ALL videos I have... and the Paiste 16 thin china you get on youtube videos are also very consistent, but different from his...

Thats why I asked for a similar Zildjian cymbal, because I dont wanna risk ordering it from a foreign store, paying high dollars to import it and get a totally different sound....

By the EFX cymbal you mean those Zildjian crashes with holes??

THanks for the reply, buddy...
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