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Default Re: Vic Firths similar to Jojo Mayer´s model

When I meant "units" i meant that its confusing to me because the "/" makes no sense to me. I never know if 16 5/16" is longer or shorter than 16 21/64" for example.
16 1/8" is longer or shorter than 16 3/4" and 16 13/16"??

Get my point? ;-)

Maybe you´re right, Im bad at math! And rulers here in my country dont have the inch measurement, at least not the ones I can have access to.

Also, 16.4375" length? Come ont, thats just insane. 4 decimal digits!! How that in CM!! Jesus....

But thanks a LOT for the help!!!


PS - I checked the Pro Mark website, but couldnt find any stick below 16" that was thicker than .577. Which models are the two you found??
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