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Default Re: What to do with a rogue left hand?

EvilDrummer, I disagree with your POV here, too.
Is this merely your opinion based on nothing but assumptions or did you actually give some of those things a go?

EVERYTHING involving one's weaker limbs will improve control over/feel with that limb, absolutely. Besides, many of those things can be implemented in one's life everywhere, anytime. Thus, it's more of a general mindset than a waste of time, plus, how can it even be practice time if this is stuff you'd incorporate in your daily life _outside_ your regular drumming?

Personally I have many years of experience using a GripMaster. I can guarantee you that I had a lot of benefit from that thingy (although in a guitarist context as that was my orig. instrument before getting into drums). I can't give you any figures on how much of a benefit brushing my teeth with my left hand has brought me (what it clearly has is proving to myself that this can be learned - which is an accomplishment I appreciate) but just try it and you'll see what an effort it is to even get started with your other limb in everyday activities. HUGE difference.

In fact, everything Brian mentioned is great stuff to think about and give it a try.
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