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Default Re: What to do with a rogue left hand?

Originally Posted by EvilDrummer View Post
This sounds to me like complete waste of valuable practice time.

My teacher tells me to practice free strokes making sure both hands are using the same amount of finger and wrist in both hands. I started practicing those using the fulcrum only, also the finger adder exercise where you play a measure of eight notes with the fulcrum (first finger) then adding a finger every measure making sure it feels the same all the time. All 4 fingers have to be riding the stick equally.

Also every exercise has to be symmetrical which means it changes the leading hand so both hands get to lead equally.

Also practicing french grip will increase the finger control but the best grip overall is american since it's both french and german combined and being able to gradually change between them is a good thing to learn. However the grip depends on the situation and learning them all will give you the ability to choose the best one automatically for the task at hand.
How can that be a waste of time? The reason people's right hand develops quicker is because its being used more in the first place. Gene Krupa said he used to go around using his weaker hand to do things like opening doors, etc., to get it more coordinated. It's a good suggestion to do anything to get your weaker hand more coordinated.
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