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Default Cleaning Roland V Drums & Cymbals

Hi, I have noticed several questions across a variety of forums asking about the cleaning of the rubber drum pads and the cymbals on Roland V drums, and as I have owned Roland V drums for a long time, I thought I would post my advice, hope it helps.
There has been a product available for some time called 303 Aerospace protectorant, this can be found on and will cost you in the area of 16 uk sterling or $25 us.
But, and here is the thing, I have been using Auto Glym Vinyl & Rubber Care, this is available widely and comes in a 500ml trigger spray. I pay 7.99 uk for this and you can find it most auto factor suppliers, including Halfords.
Lightly spray onto a soft cloth and gently wipe in a circular motion, folding the cloth regularly to avoid re applying any dirt removed. You can leave to dry for approx 5 to 10 minutes and then polish with another soft clean cloth.
This product can be used on your Roland rubber pads and the Roland cymbals.
In my opinion, my drums and cymbals look as new after cleaning, this Auto Glym product also leaves quite a nice smell in the room after use.
My main reason for bringing this to your attention is mostly because of the costs involved, the Auto Glym product is at least half the price of the 303 and yet does the same job equally as well.
All the best.
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