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Default Vic Firths similar to Jojo Mayer´s model

Hi all!

I would like to ask for some suggestions regarding sticks.

I got used to Jojo Mayer´s signature Vic Firth model, and I really like them. I guess they are based on a 5A model. Here´s VF website info about this model:

Jojo Mayer (SJM)
Jojo's stick is a 5A style stick‚ but with thicker and shorter dimensions. Designed to offer a big sound and feel without a lot of weight.
L = 15 21/64" | Dia. = .577"

I have pretty big hands, and after experiencing with a few sticks, I found out I really feel confortable with shorter and thicker sticks, so I was wondering if there are other Vic Firth sticks out there with the same lenght as Jojo´s but even thicker and more balanced concerning the weight between tip and butt (Jojo´s is heavier on the butt - that sounded really bad....)

So, could you folks please point me some Vic Firth sticks that would have the following carachteristics:

. thick or thicker than Jojo´s model (at least a .577" diameter)

. short in lenght just as Jojo´s model (maximun of a 15 21/64" in lenght)

Thanks in advance, folks!!!

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