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Default Help with finding a Zildjian China sound similar to...

Hi all....

Basically, all my cymbal setup is Zildjian, and I like to keep it that way, though I cant remember exactly why....

Anyway, I am very fond of the sound of chinas, and I found out that I absolutely ADORE a china cymbal that PAISTE manufactures, that is the Paiste Signature Thin 16" China.

I love Chad Wackerman, I have got basically everything he put out to this day on video and audio, and he uses this one quite a lot.

The main thing about this specific China is that is sounds much more like a CRASH, its very bright and stacatto, short sounding, but a lot less trashy than a regular china.

Not sure if you folks get what I mean, but in my own vision, chinas usually sound very dirty, trashy, spread, quite oposite a crash that may sound very bright, cristal, etc, etc.

So.... I was expecting someone here to please help me find the most identical match to this china on the Zildjian line.

My main problem is that I live in a city and country where you dont have easy access to drum parts and cymbals, so I have to import everything. Basically, I need to buy cymbals WITHOUT listening to them first, only judging my decision on YouTube videos.

I have already bought a few Zildjians, like 12 and 16 oriental chinas, but they are VERY trashy, and nothing like a "dirty crash".

Any suggestions??

THanks in advance!!
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