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Default Re: Should I warn them???

I never really understood why everyone was so concerned with that guy. IMO too much was made of him. I always thought his gimmick was pretty tame, compared to some of this forum's more caustic past misfits. Yeah, I've gotten Glen's pms too, but they were never so bad that I couldn't see them for what they were. Truthfully, I always felt a little sorry for that guy, whereas there were others who trolled me that to this day I would love to punch in the mouth.

Over 7 years here, I've seen dazed and confused, jealous, contemptuous, belligerent and delusional. Then there have been gear hounds. It has been my experience to observe that most are very good guys and I've learned a lot from them. However...I get in some small part where most of you are going with this. It was indeed unusual to see such loyalty for equipment he neither sponsored nor especially cared much about playing....Then to tell your sordid life story on a drum forum. Who does that?

Meh...whatever rocks his boat.
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