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I recently got a Protection Racket 3007 softcase for my 13x5" snare drum, it's a very very nice bag. Soft & thick faux-wool padding on the inside and considerable rigidity through the construction. Nice & bulky zipper mechanism and a convenient carrying handle. Plus there is a nice rubber slot on the back that you can put contact info on, I put mine on the card and also drew it on around the logo with a silver Sharpie. No problems with carrying and I think it would very much survive a drop with my stave snare inside. Plus it's big enough to fit my drum's DW MAG throwoff, which is by the way, a huge PITA because it extends ~3/2" out from the drum and another ~1/2" down past the bottom hoop when off. But the PR can still hold it with an ADDITIONAL adjustable butt on the other side, none of which I accounted for when buying the 13x5" case.

I recommend it.
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