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Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
Aw yeah! I had one of those kits too, and Pinstripes is what I did with it. They sounded great.
Wow....I didn't think anyone else owned that kit (or would at least admit it!)

Cool thing was that they offered an extra bass drum in the Sears catalog too so I bought that. I had NO BUSINESS playing double bass as a beginner drummer.

I gigged on and off for 16 years with a Sears kit....and Zildjian A cymbals, Tama hardware, and DW 5000 pedals and DW 5500 hi hat stand. Oh did I mention it was a Sears kit? It was $300 in the catalog. 2 of my cymbals were worth more than my entire kit!

After we took a hiatus in 2008, I left it at my bandmate's house. They pulled me out of drummer retirement last January and to me dismay, all the metal on the kit was badly rusted and I said, "to hell with it" and bought my Tama. I still have one of the original bass drum heads in my mom's basement as my memento of my first kit.

Sorry for the thread hijack.....moral of the story is Pinstripes can help!
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