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Originally Posted by AxisDrummer View Post
My first drumkit I bought back in the winter of 1991 during my freshman year of high school was a "Blackhawk by Gretsch" at Sears.

It sounded like complete crap. Even as a new drummer, I knew that. I couldn't even tell you what kind of wood it was.

I bought clear Pinstripes for all the tom batters and Ebony Ambassadors for all the bottoms (yes I was a bit of a mark for Lars....I was also 13 yrs old).

These heads really made this low-budget beginners kit sound very good. I used it gigging on and off all the way up until 2008. Even experienced drummers would ask what kind of set it was, since there were no badges or anything. When I told them it was a Sears kit, they were shocked at the sound I was getting out of it.
Aw yeah! I had one of those kits too, and Pinstripes is what I did with it. They sounded great.
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