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Default Re: DW9000 double pedal - not satisfied - tips?

I bought mine on a Friday. Brought it home played on it for about an hour and wasn't impressed. On top of that, my leg cramped up which had never happened to me. The next day, I gave it a work out(or myself actually) and wasn't happy. Sunday I gave it another try, and this time I was just not into it as I was pretty bummed out. So as Im lazily playing around the kit, I started to realize that my foot was flying and the kick was thumping. Ive never made any adjustments at all. All I did was lighten up my touch. Im getting way more thump out of my 9000 than I ever have and I use very little effort. I was very pleased.

Long story short, try lightening your touch and let the pedal do the work. You don't need to use much force with these things. At least that's been my experience. I wont play anything else either.
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