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Default Re: Help with acoustic treatment in a small room...

Are you handy? I build 2'x4' sound absorbing panels to go around my son's drum set for around 10 pounds each. Foam is simply not cost effective. Blankets do a tiny bit, but the felt covered rock wool panels I build based on some online research are amazingly effective for the $$$.

I used 1x3" strapping wood to make a 2'x4' frame with one cross piece. Put one 4" thick rock wool batt in each (cut it with a utility knife to fit around the center piece of wood. Pressed the 4" batts to 3" thick and wrapped the entire thing with some pretty colored felt from the fabric store. I tacked the felt in place with a staple gun.

The 12 2'x4' rock wool batts were $50. The strapping wood was about $3/frame, and the felt was $4 a yard on sale. Rock wool is pretty nasty, so I used 2 layers of felt on the front side of each panel, added a couple of eyelets to hang each one, and was done. It was a few hours work, but the results were great.
If I knew how to post pictures, I'd show you the panels around his kit.
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