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You are DEFINETLY right about that. John Bohnam had a signature sound and style that was unique, original, entertaining and a joy to listen to. It's why I , among MANY others (including yourselves) gravitate to him so much for rock drumming. I don't think I ever called into question his greatness. You shouldn't feel a need to defend him. Just because I said that Elvin and Buddy were harder to imitate doesn't mean that Bohnam isn't awesome too. For another example, Tony Williams, Dennis Chambers and Billy Cobham are easier to imitate than Elvin Jones or Buddy. Elvin for his time concept, Buddy for pure fire. You'll notice my favorite drummer in the whole wide world is Tony Williams. In other words, this is no strike against John Bohnam. In terms of style, look at the company that he's in, in terms of learning difficulty, right? Get what I'm saying?
yes, i do get what your saying. Its just your first few posts, they struck me like you were saying Bonham could be easily imitated. I am a big bonham fan, but i dont think of myself as a fan thats blind to reality, i know that Bonham didnt have the best licks of all time, and i do know that he will be upstaged, but hes my personal favorite because of his originality, and in his time he could lay down a groove harder than anybody, plus the guys he was playing with helped a bit too. Im not going to argue anymore about people sounding exactly like him, but to my knowledge i havent heard anyone do what he did.
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